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Everything Bath Tubs And More Builds, Is Built To The Customer's Specifications. We Do Not Purchase Ready Made Copper Products.  We Build To Any Size, Any Design. We Offer (16) Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes And Over 200 Store Decorative Designs. Custom Designs Welcomed. This Allows Our Customer's The Ability To Create Truly Amazing Copper Products For Their Homes And Commercial Buildings.

Step 1:  Choose The Product You Want To Custom Build 

Every Product On Our Website Is Custom Built.  You are not limited to the products shown on our website. If you have found a Copper Bath Tub, Copper Range Hood Or Copper Sink elsewhere that you like, we can build that product for you - using our patina finishes and design options.

Step 2:  Decide The Overall Size You Require

Not Finding The Size Required For Your Installation Area?  We build to any size.  Just call or email us for a price quote.  All sizing listed on our website is to provide our customers with our basic pricing.  You are not limited to the sizes shown, since each product is made to your specifications.

Step 3:  Choose The Gauge Of Copper For Your Product. 
With Copper, The "Lower The Gauge", The Thicker The Copper Sheet

Copper Sinks: Our Standard Gauge Is 16 Gauge.  You Can Choose 14 Gauge.
Copper Bath Tubs: We Recommend 12 Gauge.  You Can Choose 14 Gauge Or 16 Gauge.
Copper Shower Pans: Our Standard Gauge Is 16 Gauge.  You Can Choose 14 Gauge.
Copper Fireplace Mantels: Our Standard Gauge Is 16 Gauge. You Can Choose 14 Gauge.
Copper Murals: Our Standard Gauge Is 16 Gauge.

Step 4:  Decide On The Surface Texture Of Your Copper Product

We Offer Smooth, Old World Smooth, Hand Hammered And Smooth Hand Hammered.  Hand Hammered is the standard imprint seen for copper products.  Smooth Hand Hammered is a light hand hammered impression.  There is still a little bit of texture, but to the touch, the surface is fairly smooth (our most popular texture). Old World Smooth will remind you of products made by Greeks centuries ago.  The surface has a slight rolled appearance,  which is amazingly beautiful.  The Old World Smooth Surface Texture is not the flat, shinny look you see on cheaply made Copper Bath Tubs. That shinny surface is a very thin, rolled copper tin.

Step 5:  Choose From Our Large Patina Selection

We offer The Largest Selection of Copper Patinas Available
.  We offer (16) patina finishes and we can even create custom patinas as well.  Mix and match our patinas by choosing two or three patinas for your copper products.  Have fun with our patinas and our designs.  By custom designing your copper products you have creative license to create the perfect copper product for your home.  Once your copper product is built, we provide you with photographs of the patina finish in indoor and outdoor light.  If you are not happy with your patina finish, we offer one patina change at no charge.  That's our guarantee you will love your copper product.  No product ships without customer approval. 

When Adding Multiple Patina Finishes To A Copper Bath Tub, please keep in mind that the best appearance is to have the lighter patina finish on the interior, with the darker patina applied on the exterior. This presents a very pleasing finished look.

When Adding Multiple Patina Finishes To Decorative Designs, the patinas will provide your design with a wonderful contrast in coloring. Even if you only use one patina finish, when the patina is carved, it will have a lighter and darker appearance naturally.  This is the great thing about copper.  Copper always turns out beautifully.  There is no such thing as an "ugly copper patina finish".

Patinas Are Created By Combing Multiple Patinas Together To Create The Final Patina Finish.  Depending upon the light the patina finish is captured in, the patina will display one or more of those patina threads.  Reds, browns, golds or dark may show through in certain lights.  Patinas are not a solid, one dimensional color.  And because each patina finish is hand created, no two patina finishes are ever the same.  Copper, by nature, changes with time and use.  This is what makes copper so beautiful, because it is a living finish that is forever evolving in it's appearance. Never use a copper polish on our copper products or abrasive cleaners.  This will damage your copper.  Only use a designated copper wax designed for a living patina finish.  When cleaning, use soap and water to clean your products.  After use, dry your copper with a soft cloth, so that water spots do not form.

Step 6:  Approve Your Line Drawing

We Provide Line Drawings For Our Copper Products.  Whether you are ordering a standard size or a custom size for your copper product, you will receive a line drawing of how that product will be built.  You may make any changes to the line drawing measurements that you wish.  We are building to your specifications.  Once you approval the overall design, the product is built.  Upon completion, we provide the final measurements of the product to verify it was built as stated.  No product ships without your approval.

As an example, if ordering a Copper Kitchen Sink in a 60/40 configuration, you may alter the size of each sink bowl to accommodate your needs. If the standard interior bowl lengths are 23" L x 15" L, you can change the length to 25" L  / 13" L.  It's up to you as to what size you would like your sink bowls built to.  This applies to all copper products that we build. Odd sizes and designs welcomed. Since our products are custom built, you are not limited to standard measurements found elsewhere.

Step 7:  Select Your Copper Designs

We Offer Over 200 Store Designs
that you can use to custom design any of our copper products.  If you don't see a store design that you love, email us a photograph of a design you do like.  Add your custom design to any of the copper products that we offer.  Have a design in your kitchen or bathroom that you would like to bring forward to your copper products?  No problem.  Would you like your name or initials carved for a personal touch? We can do that.  Have a photograph of an animal, landscape or garden you would like added to your copper product?  We can do that, too.  Custom designing copper is actually quite fun.  And to make sure of that, Customer Service will walk you through each and every step so that the process is an enjoyable one.

Copper Apron Fronts & Copper Border Tile Designs    *    Copper Tile Designs

For Every Copper Product We Build, We Provide An Option Page, Which Will Outline Basic Options Available For The Product You Are Purchasing.

As You Review The Option Page, Should Questions Arise, Just Give Customer Service A Call At 800-989-5166.  Our Job Is To Help You Design The Perfect Copper Product For Your Home Or Business.

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