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Add Decorative Copper Tile Designs To Any Of Our Copper Products.  Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes. Create Amazing One Of A Kind Copper Products For Your Home. Everything We Build Is Custom.  What Can We Build For You?  Customer Service 800-989-5166 Today.

           Mix & Match Our 16 Patina Finishes For Gorgeous Results.  Choose From Over 200 Designs.

Create A One Of A Kind Copper Fireplace Mantel For Your Home! Everything Is Custom Built.

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Add Your Own Design To Any Of Our Copper Fireplace Mantels. Have A Design In Your Home You Would Like To Add To The Mantel?  Just Email Us A Photograph. It's That Easy To Custom Design Copper Products For Your Home. Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166 For Assistance In Placing Your Copper Fireplace Mantel Order.      

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You Can Build Your Copper Fireplace Mantel To Any Size.  We Provide You With A Line Drawing Of Your Mantel, To Approve The Overall Design.  Once The Copper Fireplace Mantel Is Built, We Provide You With Photographs To Approve The Design And Patina Finish.  View How To Design Your Copper Fireplace

16 Patina Finishes
And Over 200 Store Designs. Build To Any Size. Call Customer Service 800-989-5166




All Our Copper Fireplace Mantels Are Built Out Of 16 Gauge Copper. The Mantels Are Supported By An Iron Frame.  All Designs Are Hand Carved, With Beautiful Results.  Prior To Your Copper Fireplace Mantel Shipping, We Provide You With Photographs For Your Approval.  That Way You Are Guaranteed To LOVE Your Copper Fireplace Mantel.

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Call Us Today To Discuss Building A Custom Copper Fireplace Mantel For Your Home.  Custom Designing Copper Is Easy, Fun And Affordable. Call Customer Service With Design Questions Or Phone Orders. 800-989-5166.


   CFM-04 AF Pricing

Looking For A Copper Wall Shelf For Your Home? 
We Build To Any Size!  Have A Shelf Design That You Like?  Email Us A Photograph For A Price Quote.
Standard Sizing: 24" L / 36" L / 48" L / 54" LWe Welcome Unusual Designs

   CFM-05 CT Pricing
You Will Notice The CFM-05 Was Built
With A 1" Tile Lip On The Backside, So That The Mantel Could Be Installed Underneath Rocks, Tile Or Sheet Rock For Ease Of Installation. We Can Build Our Mantels To Accommodate Your Installation Requirements. We Include Custom Brackets For Installation With All Copper Wall Shelves / Mantels.  We Can Even Add Custom Brackets If Required.
        View Our Selection Of Pre-made Copper Tile Themes For Ideas!

Looking For A Copper Mantel Or Decorative Wall Shelf?
We Can Custom Build To Any Size.  The CFM-04 AF And The CFM-05 CT Shown, Were Built to 54" L x 6" W  x 7" H.

Let Us Know What Size You Require. Mix And Match Patina Finishes For A Gorgeous Copper Patina Result.

Choose From Over 200 Copper Designs, 16 Patina Finishes.

Build The Shelf With Out The Indented Apron Frame. A Flat Front Works Perfectly Well, Too.  The Design Options Are Endless.

It's Fun, Easy And Affordable
To Custom Design Copper Products For Your Home.

Call Us Today At 800-989-5166.
Copper Fireplace Mantels

We Build To Your Specifications. Choose The Size, Decorative Design, Patina Finish And Surface Texture. Email Us A Photograph To Add A Custom Design.  Line Drawings Of Mantels Are Provided For Customer Approval. Ease Of Installation Is Important. We're Happy To Accommodate Your Installation Requirements.

Call Us At 800-989-5166.

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