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Choose From Over (109) Copper Tiles!  Add 1 - 6 Copper Tiles To Create Your Original Copper Tile Theme! Below You Will Find Pre Made Copper Tile Themes You Can Choose As Is, Or Add (1) Additional Copper Tile To Each Theme (For A Total Of 6 Copper Tiles).

Don't Care For Any Of The Pre-Made Tile Themes? Then Click On The Link Below To Custom Create An Original, One Of A Kind Copper Tile Theme You'll Love!

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Found A Copper Tile Theme You Like?  Jot Down The CT #'s And Add The Copper Tiles To The Shopping Cart With Your Copper Bath Tub!  Or Call Us At 800-989-5166 For Phone Orders!

Wild Life Theme!         

CT-084                        CT-080                          CT-076                       CT-079                        CT-078                  

 Add A Plain Hand Hammered Or Smooth Copper Tile In Between The Designs, To Add Some
 Separation Between The Copper Tile Designs. See Below For Examples.  Call Us At 800-989-5166

Sea Life Theme!

                        CT-073                         CT-085                        CT-032                       CT-093 

Bird Theme!

CT-089                           CT-051                        CT-023                        CT-050                        CT-053

Lizard-Salamander-Tree Frog Theme!

CT-086                            CT-002                          CT-018                       CT-090                        CT-043

Dragonfly - Bee Theme!

CT-036                            CT-006                         CT-092                         CT-032                      CT-056

Use Just Two Tiles Around The Base Of Your Bath Tub. Choose Any Tile We Offer And Add A Plain Or Hand Hammered Tile.   Keep The Pattern Simple And Uncluttered, As Shown In The Copper Tile Themes Below. Choose From (98) Copper Tile Designs To Create Your Custom Copper Pattern.

Fluer de lis Theme

CT-010                            CT-099                         CT-010                          CT-099                       CT-010

Rooster - Sunflower Theme

 CT-024                            CT-099                        CT-035 #6                    CT-099                       CT-024

Leaves Theme

 CT-001                            CT-100                        CT-049                           CT-100                       CT-017 

Add A Border Tile Design To Run Around The Base Of The Bah Tub Or An Apron Front.  Have A Custom Design In Your Home You Would Like To Duplicate? Email Us For A Photograph!  It's Fast, Easy And Affordable To Custom Design Copper Products.     View All Our Custom Copper Designs

                        Creating An Original, Unique Copper Tile Theme Is Easier Then You Think!

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