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                   Custom Copper Design Store Offering Custom Copper Tiles
              Every Copper Product Is Built To The Customer's Specifications
Custom Copper Design Store. We Do Not Purchase Mass Marketed, Ready Made Copper Tiles For Our Store. Each And Every Product Is Built To The Customer's Specifications. Choose The Size, Style, Design And Patina Finishes. 16 Patinas Available. Mix & Match. Odd Sizes Welcomed. Email Us A Photograph To Create A Custom Copper Tile Design. Once The Copper Tiles Are Completed, You Will Receive Photographs Of The Patina Finish And Design. One FREE Patina Change Offered At No Charge.  No Order Ships Without Customer's Approval First.  Quantity Discounts Available.
                                        Customer Service 800-989-5166

Add Copper Tiles Designs To Copper Bath Tubs, Copper Shower Pans, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Sinks And Copper Fireplace Mantels.

Mix & Match Designs & Patina Finishes.