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Below You Will Find Photographs Of Copper Tiles Made For Our Customers.Mix & Match Our 16 Patina Finishes For Beautiful Results.
Once Your Tiles Are Completed, We Provide You With Photographs To Approve The Patina Finish.Custom Designing Is Fast, Easy & Fun!

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Custom Create Gorgeous Copper Tile By Combing Several Patina Finishes Together.  The Deer & Moose Tile Were Created With A Coffee Background And Old Penny Patina For The Designs. The Butterfly Tile Is Dark Background With Golden Bronze For The  Design.


  Coffee Patina #2

  Coffee Patina #2

   Coffee Patina #2

We Offer (2) Choices In Coffee Patina Finishes.
  Coffee #1 And Coffee #2.  Both Patina Finishes Turn Out Beautifully.  Which One Do You Like Best?

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   Copper Tiles In Coffee Patina #1

    Copper Tile In Coffee
    Patina #1
     Copper Border Tiles In Coffee Patina #1 With  
Old Penny Designs




Copper Tiles In Brown Patina.  All Patina Finishes Change Slightly In Coloring, Depending Upon The Design And Surface The Patina Is Applied To.

Copper Tiles In New Coffee.
The Rooster And Pineapple Tile Photos Are Taken With Out A Flash. The Pine Cone Photo Was Taken With A Flash. You Can See How The Patina Finish Changes With The Light. 





Copper Tiles In Golden Bronze.  Each Patina Finish Is Handmade.  Once Your Copper Tiles Are Completed, We Will Provide You With Photographs To Approve The Patina Finish.  If You Would Like Changes Made To The Patina, We Do Allow One Patina Change At No Charge.  Only When Your Order Is Approved, Will Your Copper Tiles Ship.
Don't Settle For What's In Stock, When You Can Custom Create Your Copper Tiles!


  Old Penny Patina


Golden Bronze Patina


 New Penny Patina

Did You Know That You Can Create Custom Designed Copper Tiles?  Just Email Us A Photograph Of A Design You Would Like Carved On To A Copper Tile!  It's That Simple.  Match An Existing Decorative Design In Your Home Or Create A Brand New One. It's Easy To Custom Create Copper Tiles For Your Home. Customer Service 800-989-5166.




You Can See How Closely Old Penny And New Penny Are In Coloring. When Creating Copper Tiles, Both Old Penny And New Penny Patinas Are Present.


Dark Patina Finish.  As With All Patinas, Dark Is Created By Combining Several Patinas Together. In Brighter Lights, The Reddish Brown Patina Will Show Through As Highlights In The Dark Patina Tiles.

You May Also Like Your Copper Tiles In A Nickel Plated Patina Finish.  Very Few Manufactures Offer This Patina Option.  If You Are Interested In The Nickel Plated Patina, Please Call Us Today!  Customer Service At 800-989-5166.  We'll Happily Answer Your Questions About This Design Option.






Custom Design Your Copper Tile!  These Tiles Were Created By Adding A Dark Or Dark-Brown Background With Old Penny Patina For The Tile Designs. Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166 To Create Your Own Custom Copper Tiles.

Photograph Supplied By A Customer For A Custom Copper Tile.

Finished Copper Tile In New Coffee

Want To Create Original Copper Tiles For Your Home?
  Just Email Us A Photograph Of A Design You Would Like Made In To A Copper Tile.  It's Easy And Fun To Create Custom Copper Products. Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166.
Or Email Us Your Design

New Coffee Patina

Dark Background With Old Bronze Design
      New Coffee Patina

Dark Background With Golden
Bronze Design


Dark Background With Golden Bronze Designs


    Coffee Patina #2

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Don't Forget - When Purchasing Copper Sinks, Copper Range Hoods, Copper Shower Pans Or Copper Bath Tubs, You Can Add Copper Tile Designs To Your Copper Products!  Create Original, One Of A Kind Products, Made Especially For Your Home.  Let Us Show You Just How Easy (And Affordable) It Is To Custom Design Your Copper Order.  Call Us Today! 

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 Old Penny