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   Copper Trough River Sink Options

Custom Design Your Copper Trough River Sink From (8) Patina Finishes, (3) Lacquer Finishes, (3) Texture Finishes And (98) Copper Tiles.  Need A Particular Size Or Design? Call Us For A Price Quote. Customer Service 800-989-5166

 How To Custom Design Your Trough River Sink!
 Choose From  (8) Patina Finishes

            Coffee                         Old Nickel Silver                      Plum                           Old Penny

  Oiled Rubbed Bronze               New Penny                        Desert Rose                    Golden Bronze

Two Texture Surfaces

Choose a smooth Texture Surface for the inside of the sink and a Hand Hammered Texture Finish for the outside of the sink!  You can custom design your Copper Kitchen Sink any way you'd like!

surface finish               surface finish               
Hand Hammered                                                       Machine Textile (MT)                                

Two Lacquer Finishes

Egg Shell, High Gloss Or A Wax Coating



1. Egg-Shell

High gloss

2. High Gloss

Add Copper Tile To The Bottom Or Sides of Trough Sinks!


Trough Sink Example With Copper Tile

Copper Sink Drain 3 1/2"

Solid Copper Sink Drains Available In (8) Patina Finishes

KD-02                               SKD-02                                          SKD-01                                 SKD-01 
              Disposal                            Disposal                                      No Disposal                        No Disposal


                 Need A Particular Size Trough Sink?  Call Us Today For A Price Quote!

                                       Customer Service 800-989-5166

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