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Is A Custom Design Store.  Each Product Is Made For The Individual Customer. We Welcome All Copper Projects Big And Small.

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Every Copper Bath Tub We Build, Is Built To The Customer's Specification.  Odd Sizes Or Designs Welcomed.  Plus We Offer The "Thickest" Gauge Copper On The Market. Quality Matters.  Why Settle For Less? Call Us Today At 800-989-5166.       

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Shopping For A Copper Bath Tub Can Be Confusing.  We Offer The Thickest Copper Gauge Bath Tubs On The Market.  Quality Matters.  

There Are So Many Different Gauges Of Copper Used, As Well As Styles And Designs, It's Difficult To know What To Buy.  What Is Important Is The Gauge Of Copper Used To Build Your Bath Tub

Copper Sinks Are Made Out Of 16 Gauge Copper.  We recommend a heavier gauge for Copper Bath Tubs, so that your tub maintains it's structural strength for years to come.  When using a thicker gauge copper, the exceptional quality of a Copper Bath Tub is highly noticeable.  

16 Gauge Copper Sinks Bend Very Easily, which is why if a copper 16 gauge sink is damaged during shipping, it can be hammered out with out much effort.  Do you really want to purchase a Copper Bath Tub that is that fragile, that if something heavy is dropped in (or on) the Copper Bath Tub, it will dent or damage the tub?  With 12 gauge copper, your Copper Tub is strong enough to endure years of use with out changing shape and will hold up to the elements around it.

Most Copper Bath Tubs Made Out Of Thin 16 Gauge Copper, will change shape with consistent use.  Pricing is
less expensive, but unfortunately, so is the longevity of the bath tub.  Many Copper Bath Tub use a "tin copper", which is a flat and shinny copper in appearance.  These bath tubs are normally just 18 gauge copper.  When you find a Copper Bath Tub for $2500.00 that is why.  The manufacture used a light weight copper gauge to build the bath tub. The bath tub is affordable, but will not endure for years to come.

We Don't Like To Use The Word Cheap, but the truth is, cheap is what you are getting with a cheaply built Copper Bath Tub.  16 gauge Copper Bath Tubs lack structural integrity.  They look great when new, but they will not hold up over time and use. 

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Copper Bath Tub: BT-010 Pedestal
Brown-Dark Patina Finish

Copper Bath Tub: BT-003 Drop In
Golden Bronze Patina Finish

Copper Bath Tub: BT-012 Claw Foot
Interior: Nickel Plated  Exterior: Coffee
Our Old World Copper Bath Tubs Are 12 Gauge Copper, which is the thickest gauge copper you can buy. We offer (3) Surface Textures; Smooth (rolled) Hand Hammered, Hand Hammered and Old World Smooth.  Our gorgeous Copper Bath Tubs literally puts all other Copper Bath Tubs on the market to shame!  Choose from our selection of (16) Patina Finishes by mixing and matching patina finishes.  Choose from our (200) store designs or add a custom design to our Copper Double Wall, Copper Pedestal or Copper Drop In Bath Tubs. We Build To Your Specifications.

Old World Copper Bath Tubs Offer Character And Charm through their imperfections. These are not the flat, shinny tin like bath tubs most merchants offer. The 12 gauge copper offers a finished product that is full of warmth and beauty.  Each finished Copper Bath Tub is unique unto it's self, as no two Copper Bath Tubs are ever the same.

BT-010 Copper Bath Tub With Tile Designs! Choose From Over 200 Copper Designs For This Bath Tub!

BT-005 With Custom Tile Designs Added To The Interior!  Custom Design Your Copper Bath Tub Today!
BT-004 Copper Pedestal Bath Tub. You'll LOVE Our Patina Finishes!

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