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Is A Custom Design Store.  Each Product Is Made For The Individual Customer. We Welcome All Copper Projects Big And Small.

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Why Settle For Run Of The Mill Copper Products Found Online, When You Can Easily Create An Original, One Of  Kind Custom Copper Product For Your Home?  Submit Your Ideas Today To See Just How Affordable Originality Truly Is!  Questions? Customer Service 800-989-5166.

Choose From Over 200 Store Designs Or Email Us A Custom Design.

16 Copper Patina Finishes! Mix & Match Patinas For Beautiful Copper Products.

Copper Bar Sink:  New Coffee Patina
Copper Tile Added:  CT-017 Pine Cone


Copper Bar Sink:  New Penny Patina
Copper Border Tile Added: CBT-003
Romanesque Liner
Copper Bar Sink: New Coffee Patina
Copper Tile Added: CT-078 Deer
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Dress Up Your Copper Sink By Adding A Design To One Or All Four Interior Walls.  Choose From Our Copper Tile, Copper Border Tile Or Copper Apron Front Selection.  We Offer Over 200 Designs From Which You Can Choose. (View Apron Fronts Or Copper Tiles).  Can't Find A Design You Like?  Just Email Us A Photograph Of A Design You Do Like.  All Sinks Are Custom Built To Your Specifications By Size, Patina Finish, Surface Finish And More.  Call Us Today At 800-989-5166 To Start Custom Designing Your Own Copper Sink.

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Choose One Patina Finish For The Interior And Another Patina Finish For The Exterior Of Your Copper Baht Tub.

Interior Patina:  Nickel Plated
Exterior Patina: Coffee

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Add A Custom Towel Bar To Your Copper Bath Tub.  Add One Of Our Standard Towel Bars Or Submit A Photograph Of A Handle You Like.

Patina Finish:  New Coffee


With Our BT-10 Bath Tub, You Can Add Designs To The Bottom Base.
Chose From Our Standard Custom Designs, Or Submit Your Own Design.

Patina Finish Interior: Golden Bronze
Patina Finish Exterior: Coffee
Every Copper Product That We Offer Can Be Custom Built To Size, Patina Finish, Surface Texture Finish, As Well As Adding A Custom Design.  The Process Is Not Difficult At All. Click On The Links To Learn More About Custom Designing Copper Products For Your Home.

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Carry An Existing Design In Your Bathroom On To The Base Of Your Bath Tub!  You Can Chose From Any Of Our 200 Copper Designs, Or Submit Your Own Custom Design. The BT-10 Is One Gorgeous Bath Tub.

Bath Tub Patina: Coffee
Base Patina: Golden Bronze

 Design For Bottom Base:  AF-28

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You'll Love Our Custom Quality Bath Tubs!
  Every Bath Tub Is Built To Your Specifications. Need A Small Bath Tub Or An Exceptionally Large Tub?  Call Us For A Price Quote Today.  We Can Build To Any Size
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Add Decorative Designs To The BT-010 Base, BT-003, BT-005 Drop In Copper Bath Tubs, BT-007 Base, BT-006, BT-008 Double Wall Copper Bath Tubs. It's Easy To Create A Gorgeous Copper Bath Tub For Your Home. Why Settle For Less?


BT-003 Drop In Tub
With Copper Tile Designs Added. Patina Finish: Brown - Dark. Copper Tile Added: CT-084 Elk  CT-079 Bear  CT-080 Wolf

  Coffee Patina

    Brown Patina

   Golden Bronze Patina

  Dark Patina With Golden
  Bronze And Brown

 New Penny With Dark

  Dark With Golden Bronze

   Dark With Old Penny

Looking For Custom Copper Tiles For Your Home?  Let Us Help You Design A Stunning Copper Tile Today.  Choose From Over (108) Copper Tile Patterns, Or Submit Your Own Design.

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We Offer A Wonderful Selection Of Copper Murals, That Can Be Built To Any Size!  Choose From Our Large Patina Selection To Custom Create A Beautiful Copper Mural For Your Home.  You Can Even Submit Your Own Design For An Original Copper Mural.  Designing Copper Products Is Fun And Affordable.

MP-006 Humming Bird

Patinas: Dark * New Penny * Golden Bronze

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Choose The OCS-RCS 319 Sink To Add Custom Copper Designs!

Custom Design A Copper Lavatory Sink By Choosing From Our Custom Designs
.  It's Fun And Easy To Custom Create An Original Copper Sink For Your Home.

Patina Finish: Brown
Design Patina: Old Penny

Call Us Today To Custom Create A Custom Copper Product For Your Home!  We Welcome Your Ideas And Design Suggestions.  Custom Designing Copper Has Never Been Easier Or More Affordable.

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