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Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. New Coffee Patina For Bath Tub And Custom Cactus Design. Email Us An Image Of A Custom Design You Love. Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 Drop In With Front Apron.

All Three BT-005 Added A Custom Design To The Front
Apron.  Choose Whether To Indent The Design (Long Frame) Or To Cave The Design On The Flat Front (No Design - As Shown With The Horse Design Below).

Designs Added To Our Copper Products Turn Out Amazing! Why Settle For Plain When You Can Add a Gorgeous Custom Design To Your Copper Bath Tub.

Use Any Of Our 45 Apron Front Designs Or Email Us An Image For A Truly One Of A Kind Copper Bath Tub. Call Customer Service For Assistance. 800-989-5166.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Shown With A Brown-Dark Patina For The Bath Tub And Design. Customer Chose A Standard Design: AF-42. Our Wild Life Theme. Bear, Pine Cones, Deer & Elk. Tile Flanges Added.


Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Brown Patina Finish For The Bath Tub. Old Penny With Dark Contrast For The Design. Mix And Match 16 Patina Finishes. Image Shows 1" H Tile Flanges Added To (3) Sides.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Interior View Of Bath Tub. Large, Open Seating Area For Comfortable Bathing. Brown-Dark Patina Finish. Custom Top Rim Widths. Build To Your Specifications.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron. Interior Patina Finish Old Penny. Exterior Patina Coffee. LH Side
Large 9" W Top Rim For Shampoos, Soaps, Candles Or For Bench Seating. (3) Tile Flanges Added 2" H. No Design Added To Apron.


Copper Shower Pan * Custom Design With Cut Front Corner, Raised Rounded Seat With Side Walls. Patina Finish: Old Penny.

              Copper Shower Pans With Pricing

Copper Shower Pan. Raised Rounded Seat And (2) Side Walls. Create A Custom Copper Shower Pan Design. Patina Finish: Raw Copper.

             Copper Shower Pans With Pricing


New Penny With Dark      New Penny With Dark   Nickle Plated With                                                                           Coffee
Custom Copper Tiles.  Submit A Photograph Of A Design You Would Like Made In To A Copper Tile.  You Choose The Patina Finishes, Size And Border Trim For Your Copper Tile.

Custom Designing Copper Tiles Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.  Create One Of A Kind Copper Tiles For Your Home. Call Us Today!

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