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Copper Shower Pans

All Our Pans Are Built To The Customer's Specifications. Have An Odd Size Or Design You Would Like Built? No Problem.

Choose From 16 Patina Finishes And Four Surface Texture Finishes. Add Custom Designs, 1" Tile Flanges And More To Your Copper Shower Pan.

If You Are Looking For A High Quality, Affordable Copper Shower Pan, Look No Further. 

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 (16) Gorgeous Patina Finishes & 200 Store Designs To Choose From. Mix & Match Patinas To Create A Gorgeous Copper Shower Pan.

   "Say Hello To Beautiful".  You'll LOVE Our Custom Copper Shower Pans
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Add A Decorative Design To The Apron Front (Finished Side) Of Our Copper Shower Pans. Choose From Over 200 Store Designs, Or Add Your Own Custom Design.  Call Us For More Details!  800-989-5166

Why Settle For What's In Stock When You Can Create A Gorgeous, One Of A Kind Copper Shower Pan. Custom Designing Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.
Neo-Angle Copper Shower Pans Pricing: 

34" x 34" x 3.5" /  36" x 36" x 3.5"   
38" x 38" x 3.5" / 42" x 42" x 3.5"   
44" x 44" x 3.5"  /  48" x 48" x 3.5"

Custom Sizes And Designs Available

Custom Build To Any Size You Require.  Add One, Two Or Even Five Finished Sides To Your Neo Angle Copper Shower Pan. Add A 1" Tile Flange, Change The Drain Hole Location. Build To Your Specifications. Customer Service 800-989-5166.

                   New Penny Patina  (5) Finished Sides

      Golden Bronze Patina

      Brown Dark Patina

Build Your Copper Shower Pan With A Tile Flange.  Design
The Top Width Of The Shower Pan Lip To Any Size. The Front Lip Can Be 2.5" W, Whereas The Side Lips Can Be 1" W Or 1 1/2" W.  All Copper Shower Pans Are Custom Built To Suit.

Line Drawings Are Provided Of The Final Design For Customer's Approval.  Feel Free To Make Any Changes You Would Like To The Design, For Ease Of Installation.

All Sizing Is Provided As A Reference Only. We Custom Build To Any Size. Click On A Link Below To Discover Our Affordable Pricing For Copper Shower Pans.

Rectangle Copper Shower Pan Pricing:

48" x 34" x 3.5"  /  48" x 36" x 3.5"  / 48" x 38" x 3.5"  /  48" x 42" x 3.5"  /  48" x 44" x 3.5" 
Additional Sizes Available!

Rectangle Copper Shower Pan Pricing:

60" x 32" x 3.5" /   60" x 34" x 3.5"  /  60" x 36" x 3.5"  /  60" x 38" x 3.5"  / 60" x 42" x 3.5" / 60" x 44" x 3.5" /  60" x 46" x 3.5" /  60" x 48" x 3.5"   Additional Sizes Available!

Rectangle Copper Shower Pans Pricing:

66" x 32" x 3.5" / 66" x 34" x 3.5" /  66" x 36" x 3.5"  /  66" x 38" x 3.5"  /  66" x 42" x 3.5" /  66" x 44" x 3.5"  /  66" x 46" x 3.5"  /  66" x 48" x 3.5" 
Additional Sizes Available!

Rectangle Copper Shower Pans Pricing: 

72" x 34" x 3.5"  /  72" x 36" x 3.5"  /  72" x 38" x 3.5"  /  72" x 42" x 3.5"  /  72" x 46" x 3.5"  /  72" x 48" x 3.5"  Additional Sizes Available!

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CSP-60 W/Seat.  Patina Finish:  New Coffee  Surface Texture Finish: Hand Hammered.  Front Design: AF-29

Choose A Copper Shower Pan With A Bench Seat.  If You Prefer To Sit While Showering, The Bench Seat Creates A Comfortable Sitting Area.  Build The Copper Shower Pan Or Bench Seat To Any Size.  Standard Bench Seat Size: 12" L x Width Of Pan x 18" H.  LH/RH Bench Seat Location Available.

The Copper Shower Pan Shown, Has A Bench Seat That Is Flush To The Front/Back Sides.  If Installing A Sliding Shower Door, Build The Copper Shower Pan With A Front Top Rim That Runs Across The Entire Length Of The Pan. We Build Custom Copper Shower Pan Designs. Why Not Add A Personal Touch, By Carving A Decorative Design To The Front Apron. Choose From Over 200 Store Designs, Or Email Us A Favorite Custom Design.      Apron Front Designs

Rectangle Or Round Seat Configurations Available.

Custom Designing Copper Shower Pans Is Easy, Fun And Affordable. Have An Odd Sized Area For A Shower Pan? Send Us A Basic Line Drawing (Nothing Fancy) And We Will Help You Design A Gorgeous Copper Shower Pan For Your Home.
Did You Know You Can Add A Custom Design To Your Copper Shower Pan, Then Match It To Your Copper Sink And Your Copper Bath Tub?  Everything We Build Is To The Customer's Specifications. Call Us Today For A Price Quote. 800-989-5166

Square Copper Shower Pan Pricing

34" x 34" x 3.5"  /  36" x 36" x 3.5"    42" x 42" x 3.5"  /  46" x 46" x 3.5"  48" x 48" x 3.5" 

We Build To Any Size Or Design. Call Us To Custom Design Your Copper Shower Pan Today. 800-989-5166.

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              Patina Finish: Brown  1" Tile Flange  Center Drain Hole  


Choose 10" - 14" Deep To Create A Bathing
Well With Your Copper Shower Pan
. Small
Bathroom?  Enjoy Both Showering And Bathing?  Custom Design Your Copper Pan!


Build Your Copper Shower Pan To Any Depth. This Copper Shower Pan Is 10" D, To Use For Both Showering And Bathing.  Design Your Copper Shower Pan As A Freestanding Pan If You Wish (Four Apron Sides).  Add A Decorative Design. Shown With AF-20 Apron Front.


Add One Patina Finish For The Shower Pan And Another Patina Finish For The Design. Mix And Match Our Patina Selection To Create A Gorgeous One Of A Kind Shower Pan.  You Can Use Any Of Our 200 Copper Designs Or Submit Your Own Custom Design. It's Fast, Easy And Affordable To Custom Design Copper Shower Pans.

Add A Decorative Design To Your Copper Shower Pan By Choosing From Any Of Our Copper Tiles. Or You Can Provide Your Own Custom Design If You Wish. Just Email Us A Photo And We'll Provide You With A Price Quote.  It's That Easy. Questions? Call Or Email Today.

Call Customer Service At 800-989-5166 With Design Questions. Phone Orders Welcomed.

Match A Lavatory Sink To Your Copper Shower Pan!  It's Fun, Easy And Affordable.


Custom Design Your Copper Shower Pan By Size, (16) Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes And Over 200 Copper Decorative Designs!  Please Allow 4-6 Weeks To Receive.  Pricing Includes Freight (47) States And No Sales Tax Is Charged.

All Copper Products Are Handmade.  Overall Measurements Are Given As A Reference Only.  Each Product May Differ Sightly From The Size Listed. We Recommend Waiting Until Your Product Arrives, Before Starting Construction To Area Adjacent To Where Your Copper Product Will Be Installed.

                                      Customer Service 800-989-5166