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Add Decorative Copper Tile Designs To Any Of Our Copper Products.  Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes. Create Amazing One Of A Kind Copper Products For Your Home. Everything We Build Is Custom.  What Can We Build For You?  Customer Service 800-989-5166 Today.
                                                    Custom Copper Shower Pans

Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Design Store.  We Do Not Carry Mass Marketed Products In Stock. By Custom Designing Your Copper Pan, You Can Build To Any Size Or Add Any Configuration You Wish. We Offer Over 200 In Store Decorative Designs For Creating Gorgeous, Customized Copper Shower Pan, Or You Can Email Us A Photograph Of A Custom Design You Love.   Copper Shower Pan Options

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Copper Shower Pan With Custom Designs Added
To The Apron Front. 200 Design Options.

     Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes For Gorgeous Results

Neo-Angle Copper Shower Pans Pricing

Custom Build Neo Angle Showers Pans To Any Size.  Add One, Two Or Even Five Finished Sides To Your Neo Angle Copper Shower Pan. Add A 1" Tile Flange. Customer Service 800-989-5166 With Questions.


Copper Shower Pan Neo Angle. Shown In Brown-Dark Patina Finish. 1" H Tile Flange Added. Drain Lines X Added.


Copper Shower Pan Neo Angle. Shown In Old Penny Patina Finish. 1" H Tile Flange Added. (3) Finished Sides With Apron.

Copper Shower Pan Neo Angle. Shown In Dark Patina With 1" H Tile Flange Added. (3) Finished Sides.

Copper Shower Pan Neo Angle. Shown In Coffee Patina Finish. Custom Pan
Designed For A Customer.

Standard Neo Angle Pans Have (3) Finished Sides And (2) Unfinished Sides. Finished Sides Have An Apron And Are Exposed To The Room.

We Build Custom Pans. Need An Odd Shaped Copper Pan? No Problem. Just Provide Us With The Overall Measurements And We'll Create A Line Drawing For You To Approve The Pan's Design.

Call Us At 800-989-5166
Golden Bronze Patina With Optional X Drain
Lines Added. End Drain Location.

Brown Dark Patina With Optional X Drain Lines
Added. Center Drain Location.

Copper Rectangle Shower Pans. Standard Lengths; 48" L, 60" L, 66" L, 72" L.  Standard Widths; 32" W, 34" W, 36" W, 38" W, 42" W, 44" W Or 48" W. Custom Build Your Pan To Any Length Or Width. Odd Sizes Welcomed.

Rectangle Copper Shower Pan Pricing

Build Your Copper Shower Pan With A Tile FlangeWe Offer 1" H Tile Flanges For All Our Copper Pans. Add The 1" H Tile Flange On 1-3 Sides. Adding A Copper Or Glass Wall To Your Pan? Add A 1" H Double Flange To Help Hold Your Wall In Place On The Top Rim. Let Us Help You Design The Perfect Pan.

The Top Width Of The Shower Pan Rim Can Be Built To Any Size. The Front Rim Can Be 2.5" W, Whereas The Side And Back Rims Can Be 1" W Or 1 1/2" W.  All Copper Shower Pans Are Custom Built To Suit.

Line Drawings Are Provided Of The Final Design For Customer's Approval.  Feel Free To Make Any Changes You Would Like To The Design, For Ease Of Installation. Everything We Build Is Custom.

 How To Design Your Copper Shower Pan: Options


CSP-60 W/Seat.  Patina Finish:  New Coffee  Surface Texture Finish: Hand Hammered.  Front Design: AF-29

View Our Copper Shower Pans With Pricing

Choose A Copper Shower Pan With A Bench Seat.  If You Prefer To Sit While Showering, The Bench Seat Creates A Comfortable Sitting Area.  Build The Copper Shower Pan Or Bench Seat To Any Size.  Standard Bench Seat Size: 12" L x Width Of Pan x 18" H.  LH/RH Bench Seat Location Available.

The Copper Shower Pan Shown, Has A Bench Seat That Is Flush To The Front/Back Sides.  If Installing A Sliding Shower Door, Build The Copper Shower Pan With A Front Top Rim That Runs Across The Entire Length Of The Pan. We Build Custom Copper Shower Pan Designs. Why Not Add A Personal Touch, By Carving A Decorative Design To The Front Apron. Choose From Over 200 Store Designs, Or Email Us A Favorite Custom Design.  Apron Front Designs

Rectangle Or Round Seat Configurations Available.
Copper Shower Pan Dark Patina

Copper Shower Pan Flame Patina

Copper Shower Pan New Coffee Patina

CSP-60 With Rectangle Bench Seat And Design Added.
Bench Seat Can Be Built To Any Height Or Width. Standard
Height Is 20" H. For Ease Of Showering, Choose 24" H.
Customer Service Is Happy To Walk  Through Each Step Of The Designing Process.  Call Us At 800-989-5166.
View Our Copper Shower Pans With Pricing

All Copper Shower Pans With A Round Or Rectangle Bench Seat Have A Metal Frame Support For Structural Integrity. Metal Frame Slides Inside Copper Bench Seat.

Patina Finish: New Coffee
Copper Shower Pans With Seats Are Great For Individuals Who Like To Shower, But Standing For A Period Of Time Is Difficult.  Let Us Build A Shower Pan That Works For You.

Copper Shower Pan With Rounded Corner. Patina Finish: New Coffee. Surface Texture Finish: Hand Hammered. Seat: 20" L x 20" W x 24" H

Copper Shower Pan With Rounded Corner Seat. Build To Any Size Or Depth. Place The Round Seat In LH /RH Corners.
Backside of Copper Shower Pan. All Shower Pan Seats Are Reinforced With A Metal Frame For Extra Support. Add Copper Tile Flanges.

Shown In Raw Copper Patina. Create A One Of A Kind Copper Shower Pan For Your Home. Add Walls Seat Height Or Wall
Height.  It's Up To You.

Add Walls To Your Copper Shower Pan. Copper Walls Are Welded To Pan And Are Built Out Of 16 Gauge Copper.  14 Gauge Also Available. Carve A Custom Design On The Copper Walls, To Create An Original Copper Shower Pan Design.

See More Copper Walls Below. 16 Patina Finishes.

What Can We Build For You?
Custom - It's What We Do!

Custom Copper Shower Pan Design. Double Flanges Added For A Glass Wall. Walls Seat Height. Copper Walls Welded To Pan.

Call Us For All The Ways This Custom Copper Shower Unit Can Be Designed. We Provide Line Drawings For Approval.

Copper Shower Side View. LH / RH And Back Sides Are Unfinished. Alcove Design.

Copper Shower With Top Copper Ceiling Cap For An Enclosed Unit. Built For Ease Of Installation.

Add Copper Walls To One - Three Sides. Build To Any Height. Add A Top Cap To Enclose The Copper Shower Unit Completely. Add Designs To The Walls And Pan.  It's Up To You. Walls Are Assembled On Site. This Shower Unit Used 1" H Double Flanges For The Walls To Set In. See More Copper Walls Below.  Carve Decorative Designs On The Walls And Front Of The Shower Pan. Be Creative And Have Fun

Add Copper Walls To Any Room In Your Home. Call Us For Pricing 800-989-5166.
Copper Shower Pan Square
Patina Finish: Brown  1" Tile Flange Added For Alcove Installation. 3.5"D Center Drain Hole Drilled.

Copper Shower Pan Square. Patina Finish Is New Penny. Center Drain With 1" Tile Flange Added (3) Sides. Front Side Finished.
Copper Shower Pan Square. Patina Finish Coffee. Center Drain Hole. Hand Hammered Surface Texture Finish. Front Side Finished With Apron.

Custom Designing Copper Shower Pans Is Easy, Fun And Affordable. Have An Odd Sized Area For A Shower Pan? Send Us A Basic Line Drawing (Nothing Fancy) And We Will Help You Design A Gorgeous Copper Shower Pan For Your Home.

Did You Know You Can Add A Custom Design To Your Copper Shower Pan, Then Match It To Your Copper Sink And Your Copper Bath Tub?  Everything We Build Is To The Customer's Specifications. Call Us Today For A Price Quote. 800-989-5166


Choose 10"- 20" Deep To Create A Bathing Well With Your Copper Shower Pan. Shower And Bathe In Your Pan.
Add Tile Flanges For Ease Of Installing.

Copper Shower Pan Built Deep. Perfect Design For Small Bathrooms Where Space Is Limited.  Build As Deep As You Would Like. Install Like A Conventional Copper Shower Pan. Custom Designs Welcomed.

Copper Shower Pans Built Deep For Bathing.

Choose A Square Or Rectangle Copper Shower Pan. Measure 10" -20" High, To Determine The Correct Depth For Your Pan.

Ideal Design For When There Isn't Enough Space For A Bath Tub, But You'd Still Like To Bathe. Call Us For More Information On This Unique Design. 800-989-5166.

Copper Rectangle Pan With Custom Designs Added. Golden Bronze.

View Our Copper Shower Pans With Pricing

Match A Lavatory Sink To Your Copper Shower Pan!  It's Fun, Easy And Affordable. Call Us Today.

Add A Decorative Design To Your Copper Shower Pan By Choosing From Any Of Our Copper Tiles. Or You Can Provide Your Own Custom Design If You Wish. Just Email Us A Photo And We'll Provide You With A Price Quote.  It's That Easy. Questions? Call Or Email Today.

Call Customer Service At With Design Questions. Phone Orders Welcomed. Call Us AT 800-989-5166

Add Copper Walls To Any Of Our Copper Shower Pans.  You Can Even Carve Copper Tiles, Copper Apron Fronts Or Our Copper Murals On The Copper Walls.  The Options Are Endless.  Call Us Today To See How We Can Create A Custom Copper Wall For Your Home.
How To Design Your Copper Shower Pan

   Single Wall: New Penny Patina
   16 Patina Finishes To Choose From.
   Add Copper Walls To Every Room.

Single Wall: Copper Decorative Design Added. Smooth Texture With New Coffee Patina Finish And Custom Design.

Single Wall: Dark-Brown Patina With Copper Mural Elk Carved.  Over 200 Designs To Choose From.

Add Copper Walls To Your Copper Shower Pan.  Create A Stunning Beautiful Shower Area By Adding 1-3 Copper Walls. Add Custom Designs To Your Copper Shower Walls. We Offer Over 128 Copper Tiles And 30 Copper Murals You Can Choose From.  Why Settle For The Ordinary When You Can Create An Amazing, One Of A Kind Copper Bathroom. Discounts For Quantity Orders. What Can We Build For You?  Call Us 800-989-5166.

Custom Design Your Copper Shower Pan By Size, (16) Patina Finishes, (3) Surface Texture Finishes And Over 200 Copper Decorative Designs!  Please Allow 4-6 Weeks To Receive.  Pricing Includes Freight (47) States And No Sales Tax Is Charged.  All Delivery Times Are Estimated As Unforeseen Circumstances May Arise.

All Copper Products Are Handmade.  Overall Measurements Are Given As A Reference Only.  Each Product May Differ Sightly From The Size Listed. We Recommend Waiting Until Your Product Arrives, Before Starting Construction To Areas Adjacent To Where Your Copper Product Will Be Installed. Questions? 800-989-5166.

How To Design Our Copper Shower Pans.  Learn More What Options Are Available:  Copper Pan Options


Copper Shower Pans Are Built To The Customer's Specifications. Have An Odd Size Or Design You Would Like Built? No Problem.

Choose From 16 Patina Finishes And Four Surface Texture Finishes. Add Custom Designs, 1" Tile Flanges And More To Your Copper Shower Pan.

If You Are Looking For A High Quality, Affordable Copper Shower Pan, Look No Further. 

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