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New Coffee With Dark Trunk And
Old Penny Leaves

New Penny - Dark Background & Trunk, Old Penny Leaves.

Coffee - Dark Mix, Dark Trunk And Old Penny Leaves.

    Copper Mural & Cabinet Panel Photographs Showing Our Different Patina Finishes

Custom Design Copper Cabinet Panels And Copper Murals.  Choose From (16) Patina Finishes And (3) Surface Texture Finishes.  Use Any Of Our Copper Tiles Or Copper Murals To Create Gorgeous Copper Cabinet Panels For Your Kitchen.  Call Us today To Custom Design A Copper Product For Your Home.  Customer Service 800-989-5166.

Submit A Photograph To Custom Design A Copper Mural Or Cabinet Panel For Your Home Or Office. Match A Design You Already Have In Your Home, Submit A Photograph Of Your Family, Favorite Dog, Cat Or Barn Yard Animal.  Your Choice.  It's Fast, Easy And Affordable To Custom Design Copper Murals.

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CP-004 Heron. Copper Mural Used MP-043 Heron #3. Old Penny / Dark / Nickel Plated.

CP-001 Dragonfly. Tile CT-036. Dark / Golden Bronze And Coffee.

CP-003 Song Bird. Golden Bronze With Tile CT-112 Bird Coffee / GB Patinas

CP-007 Smooth Or Hand Hammered. Brown - Dark Patina Finish.

Old Penny Patina With Dark Contrast

Coffee Patina With Golden Bronze

Brown Patina With Dark Contrast

Coffee Patina With Golden Bronze

Dark, New Coffee, Old Penny And Golden Bronze Patinas. 1" Frame

Brown-Dark Background With Golden Bronze Designs. 1" Frame

New Coffee And Dark Patina Finishes

Nickel Plated Patina

New Penny Patina With Dark Contrast

New Coffee Patina Finish

New Coffee Patina With Dark

Coffee Patina With Dark

Desert Rose Patina With Old Penny

Nickel Plated Patina

Coffee Patina With Golden Bronze
Every Copper Patina Is Hand Created.  The Final Patina Finish Will Vary From One Copper Product To Another.
To Create Each Individual Patina Finish, Multiple Patinas Are Combined Together. The Patina Finish Will Look Lighter Or Darker, Depending Upon The Light The Copper Is Captured In. The One Thing That Remains Consistent, Is That The Final Patina Finishes Are Always Beautiful.

When Your Copper Mural Is Completed, We Provide You With Photographs Of The Copper Mural In Indoor And Outdoor Light.  We Offer One Patina Change At No Charge. That's Our Guarantee That You Will Love Your Copper Mural.

Dark Patina Background, Golden Bronze Leaves & New Penny Patina For The Leaves. Optional 1" Frame Added.

Background Golden Bronze, Dark Limbs, Mate Flowers, Old
Penny Leaves And Nickel Plated Butterflies. Optional 1" Frame.
Brown Dark Background, Brown Design With Dark Contrast.  Optional 1" Frame Added In Dark.