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    Custom Copper Bath Tubs.  Create Amazingly Beautiful Copper Tubs.

We Offer The THICKEST Gauge Copper Tubs On The Market. We Do Not Purchase Mass Marketed, Ready Made Copper Products For Our Store.  Each And Every Product We Offer, Is Made To The Customer's Specifications.  Bath Tubs And More Is A Custom Copper Design Store. Why Settle For What's In Stock When You Can Custom Design Copper.

Build A Custom Copper Bath Tub For The Beauty, The Quality And For The Structural Strength.  For Everything Else, You Can Buy It Off The Rack.

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Copper Bath Tub BT-006 Double Wall Interior & Exterior Patina Finish: New Penny.  Surface Texture: Old World Smooth. Build To Any Size. 16 Patina Finishes Available. Mix & Match.

BT-006 Copper Bath Tub With Pricing


BT-006 Double Wall Copper Tub With Apron Front Design AF-37. Our Gorgeous Oval Double Wall  Copper Bath Tub.  Simply Stunning.  200 Designs Choices Available.

Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes. Add Over 200 Store Designs.

BT-003 Japanese Copper Tub With
Apron Front Design AF-03. Add A Design To The Interior And Exterior Wall.  Mix & Match Patina Finishes. Build To Any Size Add Any Design.

BT-003 Japanese Copper Tub Pricing


BT-015 Copper Rectangle Double Wall Freestanding Bath Tub. Add A Wider Rim On One Side To Set Shampoos And Soaps.  Every Copper Bath Tub Is Custom Built To Suit What Can We Build For You?

BT-011 Double Slipper Copper Bath Tub. Interior Patina: Old Penny  Exterior Patina: Coffee Claw Foot #1 Brass Finish.


BT-011 Copper Claw Foot Bath Tub. Old Penny Interior And Dark-Brown Exterior. Add Custom Claw Feet To This Bath Tub.  What Can We Build For You?
  BT-012 Copper Claw Foot Bath Tub. Shown In New Coffee Interior And Custom Coffee Exterior. Add Any Design Towel Bar To Our Custom Copper Bath Tubs.

NEW! BT-014 Rectangle Copper Bath Tub. Our Newest Claw Foot Tub. Lot's Of Interior Seating Space. Dark Patina Finish.

Looking For A Particular Copper Bath Tub Model? We Build To Your Specifications. Email Us A Photograph For Pricing.

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We Offer A Large Selection Of Drop In Or Undermount Copper Bath Tubs.  Add Apron Fronts, Tile Flanges And Additional Custom Features.
Copper Bath Tub BT-003 With Designs. 200 Store Designs Available.  Drop In Or Undermount Copper Bath Tub. Copper Tile Designs Added.

BT-005 Copper Bath Tub Drop In Or Undermount. Copper Tiles Added.

New! BT005 / BT-003 Available With Basic Options At Discounted Pricing.  View Basic Options Available

BT-005 With (3) 1" Tile Flanges And Short Front Apron So That Customer Could Add Copper Tiles To The Installation Area. Add A Full Front Apron For An Easy, Finished Look To Your Drop In Copper Bath Tub.

BT-005 Drop In Copper Bath Tub.  Designed
With A Seat And Grab Bars. Works Great For A Small Or Large Bath Tub. For Small Bathrooms Where You Want A Deep Soaking Bath Tub, This Design Works Perfectly.  Handles Are Optional.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 Drop In With Front Apron.  No Need To Tile The Front. Designed For (3) Wall Alcove. Add Up To (4) Finished Sides For A Freestanding Copper Bath Tub.  Shown In Old Penny Patina.

Copper Bath Tub BT-005 With Front Apron; Side View.  Golden Bronze Patina Add A Design To The Front Apron If You Wish.  When Adding An Apron Front, There Is No Need To Tile The Front Of The Drop In Copper Bath Tub.

Copper Bath Tub BT-010 With Pedestal Base. Double Slipper. Interior Patina Finish: Coffee  Exterior Patina Finish: Brown-Dark Splattered.

Copper Bath Tub BT-010 With Copper Tile Base. Double Slipper. (200) Designs Available Plus 16 Patina Finishes. Mix & Match Patinas. Add A Custom Design To The Base. 

BT-013 Copper Pedestal Bath Tub.  Add Decorative Designs To The Base.  Shown In Old Penny Patina.

   BT-007 Copper Single Slipper Bath Tub With Decorative Base. 200 Decorative Designs Available.

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We Build Custom Copper Products To The Customer's Specifications.  Build Copper Bath Tubs, Copper Kitchen Sinks, Copper Fireplace Mantels, Copper Shower Pans And More. Odd Sizes And Designs Are Welcomed.  Don't Settle For What's In Stock. Custom Designing Copper Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.

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