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Copper Bar Sink Photographs. View Patina Finishes And Design Options Added To Our Copper Bar Sinks.  Mix & Match Patinas For Gorgeous Copper Sinks.

Copper Bar Sink Square. Patina Finish Coffee. Build To Any Size. Drop In Or Under Mount Installation. Add A Custom Design To The Interior Bowl. 200 Store Designs To Choose From.

Copper Bar Sink With Rounded Front / Back
. Mate Copper Patina. Build To Any Size. Install The Rounded Side To The Front Or Back. Center Drain Location.

Copper Bar Sink Square. CT-017 Pine Cone Tile Added. Build To Any Size. Sink Patina: New Coffee. Design Patina: Old Penny.

Custom Copper Design Store. Every Copper Sink Is Built To The Customer's Specifications. You Choose The Size And Depth Of Your Copper Sink. Custom Sizes Welcomed. Add Copper Designs To Any Of Our Copper Bar Sinks Create Gorgeous One Of A Kind Copper Bar Sinks By Using A Contrasting Patina Finish For The Design.  Mix & Match Our (16) Patina Finishes. Choose From Any Of Our Store Designs, Or Email Us Photograph Of A Custom Design.  Custom Designing Copper Sinks Is Fast, Easy And Affordable.

Copper Apron Fronts & Copper Border Tile Designs     *     108 PLUS Copper Tiles Designs

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Copper Bar Sink Round. Apron Front AF-42 Grape Design Added.  Apron Fronts Circle The Interior Bowl. Sink Patina: Brown. Design Patina: Old Penny.

Copper Bar Sink Square. Patina Dark.  Apron Front AF-29. Design Patina: Old Penny. Build To Any Depth Or Size.

Copper Bar Sink Square. Patina Finish Brown. Copper Tile Added
CT-058. Custom Design Configuration: (2) Tile Designs Per Interior Wall. (8) Designs In Total.

Copper Bar Sink Round.  Choose The Shape Of Your Round Sink. Like A Slanted Round Bowl With Smaller Sink Floor? Or Build With Straight Walls For More Interior Space.  Design Shown: Lion From AF-29

Copper Bar Sink Square.  Patina Finish: Dark-Brown.  Build To Any Size Or Depth. Create A Custom Bar Sink For Your Home.

Copper Bar Sink Square. Patina: Coffee  (4) Designs Added. Custom Design: Customer Choose A Grape Cluster From An Apron Front Pattern. See Close Up Photo Of Grape Design Below.

Copper Bar Sink Triangle. Gorgeous Patina Finish: Old Penny.  Build To Any Size Or Depth.

Copper Bar Sink Square. Patina Finish: Old Penny.  Each Patina Finish Is Hand Created, Or Amazingly Beautiful Results.

Copper Bar Sink: Texas!  A Very Popular Bar Sink Shown In Golden Bronze Patina. Drop In Or Under Mount Installation.

Copper Trough River Sinks. Build To Any Size. Add Custom Designs On The Sink Floor.  Patina: Brown-Dark. 1 1/2" Hole Chosen (3 1/2" Also Available). Various Sizes Available.

Copper Trough River Sink Rectangle.  Build To Any Size Or Depth. Patina: Dark-Brown. Surface Texture: Hand Hammered.


Copper Bar Sink Round.  This Sink Offers A Larger Interior Width Bottom Floor. Custom Build To any Size Or Design. Patina Finish: Coffee #2.

Copper Bar With With Grape Cluster Design.  Sink Patina: Coffee.  Grape Cluster Patina: Coffee. When A Design Is Carved, The Design Will Be Lighter Then The Sink, When Using The Same Patina Finish For Both The Sink & Design. "Design Only Carved".  Learn More About Copper Bar Sink Options

Copper Bar Sink With Lion Design.  Bar Sink Patina: Dark.  Lion Patina Finish: Old Penny.  Using Two Patina Finishes Creates A Rich, Strong Contrast For Your Copper Bar Sink. "Design Only Carved",  Learn More About Copper Bar Sink Options

Copper Tile Design CT-078 Deer.
Patina Finish Sink: Coffee  Copper Tile Design Patina: Old Penny. This Customer Chose To Have The Entire Square Copper Tile Carved On The Sink Wall, Verses Just The Design It's Self. Learn More About Copper Bar Sink Options

Copper Bar Sink Square.  Patina Finish: Raw.  Looking For An Beautiful And Unique Patina Finish? Our Raw Copper Patina Looks Amazing When Installed.

Copper Bar Sink Rectangle.  We Build To Any Size.  Patina Finish Shown: Flamed.  Flamed Has A Reddish Patina Finish. Very Pretty.

Copper Bar Sink Square.  Patina Finish: Nickel Plated.  Nickel Plated Patina Is Not A Chrome Match, But It Does Offer A Very Similar Appearance With A Nickel Finish. Simply Stunning.

Thank You For Visiting Bath Tubs And More's Design Store. We Look Forward To Designing A Gorgeous Copper Bar Sink For Your Home.  Call Us Today.

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