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  Turn Any Copper Kitchen Single Bowl, Double Bowl Or Triple Bowl Sink In To A Copper Vessel Sink That Sits On Top Of The Counter Top!  We Build To Any Size.
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Our new Copper Kitchen Vessel Sinks offer an apron front that wraps around three or four sides of your sink.  This allows you the option to install your Copper Kitchen Sink on TOP of the counter.

This Copper Kitchen Sink Has An Additional 3" Copper Flange Added To The Back Side, For A 5" Flange.

If you are not using a wall faucet or deck mount faucet to fill your Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink, you can add an additional Copper Flange to the back of your sink. This will allow you to drill a hole in the copper flange  for your faucet.  The back of the Copper Kitchen Sink has a standard top 2" flange, that cannot be drilled in to, as it is the top support wall for the sink bowl(s).  Normally, a 3" copper flange added to the back of the sink (5" total) works perfectly for most kitchen sink faucets.

When adding an additional copper flange, the side aprons run the entire width (Left Hand Side / Right Hand Side) of the Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink, including the additional 3" flange. That way the sink looks completed from both a front or side view.  The back of the sink would be left open (no apron added), so that you can install a faucet. With the back left open, you will want to install your sink against a wall.

    Back Of A Copper Kitchen Sink With A 5" Flange         If Not Adding A Flange For A Faucet, A Back
    Added For Faucet Installation On Flange.                    Apron Can Be Added To Complete The Sink.


The size of the additional flange depends upon the hole size of the faucet you are planning to install. We recommend adding a support brace under the flange for support.  Be sure to seal the back flange per recommendations of your licensed plumber, to safe guard against water leakage behind the sink.


Photo:  Total flange size is 5".  You may add any size flange to the back of the sink that you require. The 5" flange is the standard flange size that accommodates most faucets. The faucet hole was drilled as close to the 2" flange mark as possible, so that the hole size of 1 1/2" was centered on the 5" flange width. Faucet hole location is shown in white chalk on the copper flange. You choose the size and location for the faucet hole(s) to be drilled.

If you are ordering your Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink with the standard 2" back side flange, you can add an apron front to the back to enclose the sink on all (4) sides.  To fill your sink with water, you would use either a deck mount or wall mount faucet.  If the back of the sink will be installed against a wall, then apron fronts on (3) sides (front side, LH and RH sides) will work perfectly.

          Top View Of Single Bowl Sink With 5" Flange        Underneath View Of Double Bowl Sink With
          (3) Finished Sides, Back Open.                                5" Flange, (3) Finished Sides, Back Open.

                                Front View Of Our Copper Kitchen Double Bowl Vessel Sink
                Choose From Any Of Our 45 Apron Fronts Or Provide Us With Your Custom Design.

The front, sides and back aprons can be smooth, hand hammered or choose a decorative apron design. Most our Copper Kitchen Vessel Sinks are built with a decorative apron front, with the remaining (2) sides (and back side if applicable) in smooth or hand hammered surface texture to match the interior texture of the sink. How the sink is designed is completely up to you. You can even add your own custom designs. All you have to do is email us a photograph of the design you have chosen for your Copper Kitchen Vessel Sink.  We welcome customer's questions, so please don't hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to serving you.

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