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     Caring For Cast Bronze Sinks
CASTING BRONZE SINKS: Our unique bronze sinks are formed by using Precision Casting methods. Each bronze sink is then finished, patinated(High-temperature make the patina) and waxed by hand. Our bronze sinks have a living finish that evolves over time. All cast bronze sinks are made from tin bronze alloys (88%copper, 8% tin and 4% zinc, lead free), that is ZCuSn8Zn4, which is equal to ASTM C90300 in USA. They are available in different patinas and shapes, and can be installed as drop-in and above counter sinks(vessel mounting).
Finishes :
Our bronze sinks have a living finish that evolves over time. Current we can provide 3 colors for you choose: "Aged patina", "Blackened patina" and "Golden Bronse patina". Prior to shipping, each sink receives a coat of paste wax containing carnuba. This gives our sinks a rich, natural luster and slows the natural oxidation process.A maintenance coat of any carnauba-based bees-wax, such as Bees-Wax may be applied periodically to maintain this finish.
Wipe the basin dry with a soft cloth after each use. Clean with a non-bleach mild soap. Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh detergents, as these will compromise or remove the oxidized surface.
Avoid the use of anti-bacterial soaps. Do not allow toothpaste or any kind of corrosive materials to sit on the surface of the sink. When water no longer forms beads on the surface of the basin, re-apply another coat of bees-wax containing carnauba. Expect the patina to change naturally over time. To get rid of spotting caused by hard water: Dilute white vinegar with an equal amount of water and fill sink or wipe on with a soft cloth.Allow to soak for several minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Golden Bronze Finish: Our golden has a satin finish and is the actual color of the bronze material. It will take on a slightly darker, richer patina over time. If desired or in response to staining or spotting, the finish may be taken back to the original color of the underlying material by using a Scotchbrite pad or copper cleaner such as Wrights Copper Cream or a similar product.The surface can then be allowed to naturally patina.
Aged and Blackened Finish: The Aged and Blackened have a matte finish with the electric furnace high-temperature make the patina that not chemically induced. Since the patina is applied to the surface of the metal, abrasives or vigorous rubbing can remove it. Once the patina has been removed the original color of the bronze will be exposed. Maintenance of the weathered bronze consists of wiping out the surface with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Do not use any type of abrasive or metal polish. Carnauba based paste wax should be reapplied as needed.
IMPORTANT: Do not use plumber’s putty when installing drain.

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