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                                         Cast Bronze Sinks      
                The Most Gorgeous Sinks You Will Ever Find

Choose From (3) Cast Bronze Finishes: Golden Bronze, Aged Or Oil Rubbed Bronze And (3) Lacquer Finishes:  Flat (No Shine) Egg Shell (Slight Shine) And High Gloss (Very Shinny).

A Few Of Our Cast Bronze Sinks Can Be Built In 16 Gauge Copper.  By Choosing Copper You Have (16) Patina Finishes Available, Plus You Can Build Your Sink To Any Size.  Call Us For More Details.

Whether You Build In Cast Bronze Or Copper, You Will Absolutely LOVE Your Custom Sink.  Build Copper To Any Size Or Design.

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BS-002  Cast Bronze Sink

BS-003 Cast Bronze
BSC-003  Build In Copper

BS-004 Cast Bronze
BSC-004  Build In Copper

BS-007 Cast Bronze
BSC-007  Build In Copper

BS-010 Cast Bronze
BSC-010  Build In Copper

BS-013  Cast Bronze

BS-015   Cast Bronze

BS-045 Cast Bronze
BSC-045  Build In Copper

BS-017 Cast Bronze Sink
BSC-017  Build In Copper

BS-018 Cast Bronze
BSC-018  Build In Copper

BS-020 Cast Bronze

View Cast Bronze Sinks With Pricing

BS-023 Cast Bronze
BSC-023 Build In Copper

BS-026 Cast Bronze
BSC-026  Build In Copper

BS-027 Cast Bronze
BSC-027  Build In Copper

BS-042  Cast Bronze

BS-044  Cast Bronze

BS-043  Cast Bronze

BS-031 Cast Bronze Sink

BS-032 Cast Bronze
BSC-032  Build In Copper

BS-033  Cast Bronze

BS-036   Cast Bronze

BS-037 Cast Bronze
BSC-037  Build In Copper

BS-039  Cast Bronze

BS-040 Cast Bronze
BSC-040  Build In Copper

BS-041  Cast Bronze

BS-042  Cast Bronze

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