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Maax Collection FreeStanding Bath Tubs





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Maax Collection Rectangle Bath Tubs







Maax Collection Oval Bath Tubs





Maax Collection Corner Bath Tubs


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Motor Speed:       

Hydrofeel     Multi Speed   
Hydromax     Multi Speed    
Aerofeel        Multi Speed    
Hydrofeel - Rest   Single Speed
Hydromax - Rest   Single Speed

Controls:    Electronic With Back Lighting

Hydromax - Rest
Hydrofeel - Rest


Hydrofeel    Included in Optik Series
Hydromax    Included

Water Detector Safety Block:    Included All Series


1-Minute Automatic Drying Cycle:  

Activates Even When The System Is Not Used

Hydrofeel / Aerofeel
Hydromax / Aerofeel

Whirlpool Jets:

Hydrofeel   12-18 Jets
Hydromax   12-18 Jets
Hydrofeel /Aerofeel   12-18 Jets
Hydromax / Aerofeel  12-18 Jets

Therapeutic Jets:

Aerofeel    36-59 Air Jets
Hydrofeel / Aerofeel    36-59 Air Jets
Hydromax / Aerofeel    36-59 Air Jets

Directional Adjustable Jets:

Hydrofeel       No
Hydromax       Yes
Hydrofeel / Aerofeel    No
Hydromax / Aerofeel    Yes

Jet Air Control:

Hydrofeel        No
Hy dromax       Yes

Heated Back Rest:

Aerofeel      Yes
Aerofeel / Hydrofeel     Yes
Aerofeel / Hydromax     Yes

Air Holes For Back:

Aerofeel     Included
Aerofeel / Hydrofeel     Included
Aerofeel / Hydromax     Not Included

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